Roof Contractors in Rochester, MN Should Avoid These Mistakes

Maximizing a roof’s lifespan comes down to materials and labor, and it’s important to find a roofer who is qualified and has a good customer satisfaction rating. By carefully screening roof contractors in Rochester, MN area before hiring, customers can avoid falling victim to the roofing problems listed below.

Shingle Mismatching

Asphalt shingles are made in large batches, and roofers who buy shingles from multiple suppliers can end up using mismatched materials. Customers can avoid this noticeable issue by choosing a roofer who uses the same supplier on a regular basis.

Shingle Layering

In some areas, it’s illegal to install new asphalt shingles without first removing the old layer. However, even if the practice is legal in some areas, removing the old layer first is still a good idea. Stripping the roof allows the contractor to note any fragile areas, preventing gradual damage to the home’s structure.

Poor Installation

Every roofing materials manufacturer has specific installation requirements. Criteria such as the number of nails to be used per shingle may determine whether the manufacturer will honor the warranty if the roof fails before its projected lifespan.

Forgetting the Attic

A home’s roof is a complex system composed of multiple parts, and proper ventilation in the attic is essential. Without sufficient airflow, shingles can wear prematurely; insulation can get wet and monthly utility bills can increase.

Failure to Pull Permits

In many cases, Roof Contractors need a permit for roof installation, and the homeowner can be held liable for failure to obtain the necessary permits. Consequences can include forced roof removal, fines, and the insurer’s refusal to cover the new roof.

Insufficient Contractor Coverage

If a worker is hurt on the job or if the home is damaged, the customer can be held liable if Roof Contractors in Rochester, MN does not have enough insurance coverage. Reliable roofing companies provide proof of insurance, and the contractor’s insurance company should be able to verify coverage.

Recycled Flashing

Metal flashing helps to protect the home’s roof from moisture intrusion. It keeps water flowing away from the home, rather than permitting the roofing and underlayment to become wet. Reused flashing is less effective, but some contractors still recycle it. Hire a contractor who uses new flashing each time; it’s a minor cost when compared to the expense involved with total roof replacement.