The Basics Of Heating And Cooling Systems

The heating and cooling system in one’s house is one of those things that are never really at the forefront of a homeowners mind, it is simply taken for granted that it is there and it works. The system keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If you get up in the middle of the night in the dead of winter and your house is cold, naturally your first thought is to call a heating contractor in Austin, Tx to get to your home as soon as possible. There are alternatives however; routine maintenance and the knowledge to make some quick fixes when a problem arises.

How heating and cooling works:

Any device which alters the climate in a home has three distinct elements. It is a source of heated or cooled air, a way to move the air throughout the space and a way to control the temperature. The source of conditioned air is either a furnace or an air-conditioner. The common way to move the conditioned air through the home is via ducting. Both the heated air and the cooled air utilize the same duct system and the same thermostat to control the temperature. In the event the system breaks down and you find that you are better off calling a heating contractor in Austin Tx there is a very good chance that the technicians will find that the fault lays in one of these three basic elements.

The basics:

The basic principle behind heating and cooling system in Austin, Tx is a principle that is set in stone. The principle states that air moves from a space that is warm to a space that is cool. This principal is as real as the one that says water flows downhill. A furnace is an appliance that makes heat, replacing the cold air while air conditioning takes the heat out of the air making the environment cooler.

A furnace needs fuel; this can be oil, natural gas, propane, electricity or wood. The fuel is burnt; it is converted into heat which is then distributed throughout the system. The fuel is burnt in the plenum of the furnace; it is then assisted by fans to the outlet ducts in the various rooms. This is a forced air system however many homes are heated by hot water. In this case the water is heated using the same fuel but in a boiler, the heated water is then run around the home through an endless loop of micro-bore tubing which feeds radiators. Should there be any problems with either system a heating contractor in Austin Tx has the skills and resources to identify the problem and fix it. To know more, please visit the website.