7 Ways to Deal with a Faulty HVAC System

A faulty HVAC system can skew up the rest of your day and lead to a heating emergency you wouldn’t want to deal with. Here’s how to deal with a faulty AC as soon as possible:

Check the power

Sometimes, it’s a simple as the cord being loose or not properly connected. Check if the cord is connected tightly before you look over the rest of your unit.

Reset the switches

This could help solve the problem. If it doesn’t, then it might be a good move to start looking for a company that offers HVAC repair in Anaheim.

Read the settings

Be sure to review the thermostat settings. Adjust the gauges. This could fix the problem so you won’t have to end up calling for repairs.

Change the filters

If your AC is running but it isn’t cooling, turn off the power and clean or change the filter. Clogged filters are the number one reason for poor airflow. There are plenty of tutorials and how-to videos online to help you toss your old filters out and put new ones in.

Clean the outdoor compressor

Another reason for a slow performing unit is a compromised compressor. Clear the space around your compressor. Clean up debris and dust. These will help you improve unit performance, says HomeTips.

Look out for signs

If there are strange noises that issue from your system, if it keeps cycling on and off on its own or if it isn’t generating cool or hot air, then get help from pros. Look for companies that offer HVAC repair in Anaheim and hire expert technicians to get the job done.

Pick the right one

Choose the right contractor or company to handle the repair job. Ask about the technician’s level of experience as well as familiarity. Does he have any experience fixing units like yours? Find out more when you visit them online at website.