The Application Process for Dermal Fillers in Chevy Chase MD

The aging process is not always kind to a woman’s face. As a person ages, the superficial fat that keeps them looking young begins to diminish which places the muscles directly under the skin. Unfortunately, smiling, frowning, and even speaking lead to wrinkles that become even more exposed when skin fat is diminished. Those who do not want to look older can combat the signs of aging through Dermal Fillers in Chevy Chase MD.

Dermal fillers help to replace the lost volume people experience as they grow older. These dermal fillers are often made from Hyaluronic Acid which is a cushioning material that is naturally produced by the body. These fillers allow a person to gain natural results that will not cause rejection and irritation. To be treated with a dermal filler, injections must be carried out. These injections can be used in just about any areas of the face to plump and soften the look of the face and plump up the wrinkles that cause a person to look less attractive.

When a person comes in for Dermal Fillers in Chevy Chase MD, they will have the area being treated carefully cleaned to ensure there are no germs or residue that would interfere with the injections. The area being treated will be carefully numbed so no discomfort will be felt during the injection process. The doctor will then mark the areas where the injections will be precisely placed so the final look can be determined.

Just after the injections, cold packs will be used to minimize any swelling and irritation. These injections can cause some mild bruising, swelling and redness which typically fade quickly after the skin begins to accept the dermal filler. The results from each treatment will typically last nine to twelve months, depending on how quickly the body begins to absorb the filler.

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