The Appeal Of Black & Mild Cigars

For many cigar lovers, the Black & Mild cigars have been a traditional favorite. It has often been the cigar they first tried, and it continues to be one of those smokes that delivers reliable flavor and smoking experience.

Generally, most people that try Black & Mild cigars they are a step up from a cigarette without the big dollar investment of a boutique or classic type of cigar. As a flavored cigar brand, they are often considered an entry-level type of cigar, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a significant appeal to cigars smokers for a convenient smoke when they don’t have time for a full cigar.

Is a Black & Mild a Real Cigar?

All Black & Mild cigars are actually little cigars. They have a wrapper and tobacco of a cigar, but they are smoked through a plastic tip, which is not typical of a traditional hand-rolled or even machine made cigar.

The other factor to consider is that all Black & Mild cigars are generally short and thin, very different than a traditional cigar. Given all that information, they still provide a very robust and distinctive smoking experience, much more akin to a traditional cigar than a cigarette.

Different types of Black & Mild cigars can be purchased in filtered and non-filtered options. Which type of product you choose a largely a part of personal preference and taste, and may require some time to determine which is the best option for your smoking needs.

The Flavor Options

There are many different flavor options with Black & Mild cigars. These can include the cream, wine, cherry and apple flavors, as well as some unique combinations. These different flavors are a top consideration for an after dinner smoke or a coffee break smoke, allowing you to have the satisfaction of a cigar in much less time than it takes to smoke a stogie.

The Smoking Pleasure

The smaller size, the options, and the flavors in Black & Mild cigars make them a popular choice for both men and women. Unlike some of the smaller cigars, these do have a significant flavor profile and consistent quality, making them a great choice.

To save money on your Black & Mild cigars, consider purchasing online. Not only will you save money, but you also have the option of having them delivered right to your door, ensuring you are never without your favorite smoke.