The advantages of using furnaces to heat your home

A boiler uses water to distribute heat around your home while a furnace uses air. Although they both have their place, there are distinct advantages to using a furnace over a boiler, for your heating needs.

Less expensive than heat pumps

Furnaces have a reduced cost of operation when compared to other options, such as boilers and heat pumps. Since the system runs by heating the home with warm air, the only maintenance needed will be replacing the home filter monthly. This will help to eliminate the buildup of pollen or other air particles in the home. When comparing between heat pumps and furnaces, if cost is a consideration, it is advisable to consider a furnace, also because of its lower purchase price.

More energy efficient

Furnaces work by burning natural gas to create heat. Once the warm air is created, it is pumped through the ductwork to warm the entire home. Furnaces have been proven to be very energy-efficient, which can save the home owner money on heating bills all throughout the year. Gas furnaces can be up to 97% AFUE, which means they turn 97% of the gas into useable air to warm the home. If saving money on your energy bill is a priority, then gas furnaces should be considered for this reason.

New models operate quietly

Furnaces have other advantages, including noise reduction. If you have a new furnace installed, you will notice that the noise level is much lower than that of your older model. This is one of the many advantages to take into consideration. A quietly operating furnace may not seem like a priority. However, when it is late at night and sleep is needed, this will be much appreciated.

Although furnaces have many advantages inherent to their operation, regular maintenance is mandatory to reap the benefits. By regularly maintaining your furnace, you can be assured that it will consume fuel at an even pace. The fuel consumption of your furnace is directly related to its energy efficiency. Maintain your furnace in the best condition so that it will perform well at all times.

Consult your local HVAC company about the furnaces they have available and select the best model for your needs. Visit them online for more information at website.