Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Dayton, OH Take a Look at Who Is Most Often at Fault- the Motorist or the Motorcyclist?

A Florida Department of Transportation report statesthat vehicle motorists are more to blame than motorcyclists. It declares: “motorists driving cars and trucks are mostly at fault, often failing to yield the right of way to the smaller vehicles”. It is a quick reminder of the importance of being safe on the road. The numbers, in the hundreds of thousands, are also despairing.

The data is not exclusive to Florida. It seems that throughout the entire United States, vehicle drivers are more at fault compared to motorcyclists. The old argument that motorcyclists weaving in and out of traffic may ring true for many cases, but it is far from the majority. Distracted drivers are to blame- more often than not- and the courts are more than aware of the disproportion.

In Ohio, only 2.25% of total crashes involved motorcycles. Comparably more motorcycles make up the total pool of drivers on the road. It is estimated to be about 8%. With that number in mind, the number of accidents involving motorcycles should be closer to 8%. It is about a quarter of that.

The one saving grace is that the data will support the client who was injured on their motorcycle. The motorcycle accident attorneys in Dayton, OH still need to validate and prove the case, and this involves gathering the proper evidence and developing responsibility and fault. But, it seems that the statistics, as sobering as they are, favor the person who is fighting against a distracted truck or car driver.

Another consideration in the favor of the motorcyclist is that the injuries can be more substantial. Motorists have a “shell” to protect them more, at least compared to a motorcyclist. That factor may also play a part in responsibility and how much at fault a driver ultimately is.

Visit for more on what to do after getting hit by a distracted motorist. There are plenty of steps an injured driver can take. It begins by contacting the best motorcycle accident attorneys in Dayton, OH and discovering who, and by how much, is at fault.