Tenant Law and Residential Tenant Eviction Lawyer in Chicago

Rental property owners are often put in a position where they need to remove a tenant. There are a variety of reasons the tenant might need to be removed. Violating a lease or failing to pay rent on time are the two most common reasons for evictions. Tenant law can be a little tricky depending on the particular situation. If there are unique circumstances they can be explained in court, but the odds are against tenants who didn’t meet their lease conditions. When tenants need to be removed there are certain conditions that need to be met and a motion needs to be filed. With the help of a residential tenant eviction lawyer in Chicago property owners can have non-paying renters out of the property in short order.

The first step in eviction is to file a proper notice. The residents will need to be informed that the premises must be vacated, and they must be properly served with the paperwork explaining the reason. The tenant or tenants will have the choice of leaving the property or remaining until the notice period has lapsed. A complaint will need to be filed by a residential tenant eviction lawyer in Chicago in order to take possession of the property and seek damages for rent or property damage. The tenant will be ordered to vacate if the case is proven and the owner can take possession of the property. If the property has been damaged beyond the cost of the security deposit, the property owner will need to file a claim in the complaint.

Service providers such as Starr Bejgiert Zink & Rowells can help property owners with their tenant woes. The eviction process can take anywhere from forty to ninety days to complete. It could vary depending on how the case plays out. There are some delays that could arise. It’s common to experience delays such as a continuance or an inability to serve the initial complaint. The price to file the eviction can vary depending on how high the claim is against the tenant and the number of tenants being removed.