Teaching About the Holocaust Using Effective Multimedia Content

Educational Materials for Teachers

If you are a certified educational instructor whether for elementary, middle or high school levels, you could take advantage of free Holocaust educational curriculum and content readily available for teachers worldwide. Such materials are provided by various organizations that promote tolerance and understanding on a global level. Such organizations happily provide helpful materials and multi media content for history lessons covering the experiences of the European Jews during World War II. More specifically, a Holocaust curriculum for teachers will focus on the experience of Jewish and non-Jewish victims and survivors of Nazi concentration camps. Using photos, videos, diaries, journals, articles and other multimedia publications, educators are able to present effective lessons on the genocide against European Jews that create a personal and intimate dialogue between students and the voices of the past.

Chronology of Events

A proper Holocaust curriculum for teachers must present information in an orderly and accurate manner. Therefore, the lessons usually begin with some detailed information on antisemitism in Europe in the centuries before World War II. For generations, Jews were heavily persecuted in all corners of Europe and Russia. During the 1920s and 1930s, the rise of Nazism directly led to the rise of anti-Jewish policies and beliefs in Germany. Pogroms broke out throughout Germany and other nations home to large Jewish populations. The steadily growing antisemitic sentiments ultimately led to the genocide of more than 6 million Jewish people in Nazi controlled Europe.

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