Learning About the Holocaust From Jewish Organizations Worldwide

History Lessons on the Holocaust

A Holocaust Remembrance Center can be a very effective means of increasing public awareness and education on one of the most significant events in the 20th century. In the US, such centers will typically have a wide variety of reliable resources and information providing the public with valuable insights into the genocide of the Jewish people in Europe at the hands of Nazi Germany. By the time Allied forces began liberating the last bastions of the 3rd Reich in Central and Eastern Europe, at least 6 million Jews had perished in a campaign of systematic mass extermination through starvation, disease and cold blooded murder. Most of the casualties occurred at several main concentration camps, which were heavily fortified and guarded and developed with genocide as the express intent of perpetrating genocide.

A Holocaust center will typically feature a wide range of multimedia content including photos, videos, historical artifacts, and first hand witness testimony. Though often graphic in nature, such content serves an important role in capturing the dark reality of what transpired in order to invoke a deep and heart felt emotional response from the viewer.

Holocaust Stories From Survivors

One of the most precious and powerful forms of content available to the public in Holocaust Memorial centers across the world is the thousands of hours of first hand witness testimony from the survivors themselves. When you visit a Holocaust center, you will have access to a treasure trove of recorded interviews, letters, and memoirs that allow you to hear directly from the victims themselves. These harrowing accounts give viewers a first hand “on the ground” experience providing them a deeper sense of what it was like for the people that experienced these horrific events. This human-to-human interaction gives viewers a strong felt sense of experience as it draws upon our natural predisposition for compassion and empathy.

Reach out to the ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation at www.zachorfoundation.org for additional educational content and research.