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Built-up type roofing is used on roofs with low slopes. The roof is made up of several tiers of bitumen layered with an aggregate, such as gravel. In addition, innovative built-up roofs feature a rigid layer of insulation. Ply sheets, which are usually reinforced with fiberglass mats, comprise the roof’s layers. They are typically produced in 36-inch wide sheets.

Talk to a Roofing Professional

So, if you are seeking to transform the look of a low-sloping roof, a roof build-up might be the perfect solution. In order to see if this type of roofing product is right for your property, you need to contact and consult with a roofing contractor in Joplin MO.

Choose from a Variety of Materials

The bitumen material that is used for a roof build-up is usually coal tar, asphalt, or an adhesive that is cold-applied. Surfacing and materials vary, and will depend on the property owner’s budget and type of roofing project. According to roofing contractor companies, ballasted asphalt is applied quite frequently because it features a clean surface finish and is fire-resistant as well.

Using a Cold Application

Roofs are quite often installed using a cold application. Instead of using hot asphalt, the roofing application necessitates the use of a squeegee or spray. Cold roof build-ups do not emit toxic fumes when they are applied, which is ideal for projects that emphasize environmental sustainability. Professionals at roofing contractor companies add that a cold roof build-up can be installed regardless of the weather. In addition, this mode of application tends to perform better than hot roof build-ups.

Where to Obtain Further Information

Roof build-ups offer waterproofing protection and a barrier against UV light. However, the installation can be slower and the roof can be more susceptible to wind damage. Nevertheless, this type of roof has proven to be both durable and affordable. You can learn more about this type of roofing application by visiting Falcon Roofing LLC online.