5 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Home Care Agency

by | May 9, 2019 | Health

Caring for an elderly loved one can be challenging. Don’t handle it by yourself; get professional help when you hire home health care services in Washington D.C. Here are some of the questions you can ask to pick the right one.

What qualifications do you have?

Choose a service provider with the right qualifications and credentials. With home care agencies like Capital City Nurses, finding qualified, trained and competent nurses won’t be a problem.

What kind of services do you provide?

When you look for home health care services in Washington D.C., be clear about the tasks that the home aide will take over. Will that include meal preparation and grooming assistance? Will the home aide help your parents take baths and trim their nails, for instance? Will they drive them to appointments? Find out what’s covered.

Can you provide references?

You’re placing the care and health of two of the most important people in your life in the hands of a home aide. You need to make sure you’re picking the right person for the job. Get a list of references and follow up on them. Call each one of them to find out about their experience with the home aide or agency.

What happens if your home aide is sick?

That’s the advantage of hiring the services of a care agency. If the home aide assigned to your parents is sick, then they’ll send a replacement for her/him.

Who’s going to handle the tax payments?

If you hire a home care agency, then they’ll take care of that along with the social security payments. You won’t need to worry about that.

These are just some of the questions that can help you figure out what to look for when you choose a home care agency. Discover more when you start researching your options.

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