Suffering From Allergies In Bethlehem, PA

People with allergies should know about the pollen count. That is because pollen is a major cause of allergies and hay- fever. Individuals can find out the pollen count on the local news. Further, there are websites that give the pollen count for different areas. Basically, the count tells the amount of pollen in the air. If the pollen count is high, hay-fever sufferers may not want to go outside.Experts determine the pollen count by covering a pole with a sticky concoction. The pole is placed on top of a building and pollen sticks to it. The amount of pollen is measured at different times throughout the day.

If you suffer from Allergies in Bethlehem PA, visit the website. It is important to learn more about how to handle allergies. Of course, pollen counts are highest in the spring. That is because trees, flowers and grasses are blooming. Many people forget that grasses can trigger allergy symptoms. There is also a lot of pollen when the weather is hot.

People with Allergies in Bethlehem PA have three treatment options:

  • avoidance
  • medication
  • immunotherapy

There are some ways to avoid allergens other than staying in. A lot of people wear masks when they must go out. It is also a good idea to keep the skin covered. Likewise, take a shower as soon as you get home. Take advantage of special filters for the air conditioner. Also, one can buy air cleaners that remove impurities from the air. In addition, there are many effective antihistamines. Some are over-the-counter and others are prescription. Additionally, glucocorticoid nasal sprays are effective for many.

Finally, immunotherapy may offer the relief you need. This therapy works by exposing patients to small amounts of different allergens. The idea is to stimulate the immune system. Hopefully, the patient’s system develops antibodies. These antibodies help to prevent reactions to allergens. If necessary, a combination of therapies will be recommended. Further, there are several home remedies for allergy sufferers. However, allergies can be very serious. People who sneeze and have problems breathing should see a professional. Allergens are always in the air because some plants pollinate year round.

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