Reputable Auto Body Repair Shops In Newport News VA Will Restore Your Vehicle Properly

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Automotive

A vehicle today is a large investment that should be protected. When any make or model is damaged, it should be repaired by a reputable auto body shop. Auto Body Repair Shops Newport News VA are not all the same. They should offer a guarantee on their work. The lighting in a garage should be very bright because detail on auto body repairs require it. Dark shadows from poor lighting could result in paint colors not being properly applied. When you visit a garage, you should observe the cleanliness of the garage. If it appears to be unorganized and dirty, the repair shop may have to bill you more money than necessary for time to locate parts.

When you’ve had a vehicle damaged in an accident, auto body repair shops in Newport News, VA should be able to repair the entire car. Some auto body shops are unable to repair the glass and the vehicle must be taken to another garage or a glass company needs to be called into the garage. When auto body work is being performed by one shop and the glass is being performed by another, any problems that occur in the future could be difficult to prove who’s at fault. Does the auto body shop perform their estimates outside or inside? Damage to a vehicle should always be inspected inside where there is proper lighting to see all of the repairs that are necessary.

Another repair that often needs performed is wheel alignment after an accident. The auto body shop should be able to perform this very important detail after the outer body has been repaired. They should also offer dent removal, paint matching, frame straightening, welding, structural repair and all the other repairs your vehicle will need after an accident. If the auto body garage offers towing to their shop, this can eliminate having the vehicle towed from location to location for estimates on the repairs. Bruce’s Super Body Shops offer top-quality repairs on all makes and models of vehicles. They’ve repaired over 100,000 vehicles in the area for auto body repair. Don’t let your investment in the hands of anyone else other than a leader in the area.

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