Streamlining Your Practice

Legal outsourcing companies are changing the face of how law is practiced in the United States. From handling small claims and disputes quicker and more directly, to reviewing contracts and other documents in record time, the trend toward using legal outsourcing services is not one that is likely to reverse. Let’s look at what these services provide, and how they’re reshaping the way we practice law in America.

Quick, Easy Convenient – It’s the American Way

Americans have long been obsessed with having things faster, easier and more convenient for them. Look at the rise of convenience foods and fast-service restaurants as a prime example. Now, with legal outsourcing services pulling much of the weight of completing smaller, more menial legal tasks like document review and contract extraction, we can have our law practices like we like our hamburgers- quick, simple and convenient.

The Rise of the Law Practice Boutique

Small, independent law firms have always been present as part of the American business landscape, but these practices seem to be getting smaller and more specialized every day. This has led to a trend known as “law boutiques”, in which tiny law practices – staffed at times by only a pair of people and a room full of machines – are taking over many of the smaller tasks of law practice.

These firms rely primarily on legal outsourcing services, which may be a mix between human-provided work and that of specially-programmed computers and other machines. This combination of approaches enables the owners of the practice to keep costs extremely low, allowing offices to pop up almost anywhere and offer clients spectacular pricing for smaller scale legal services. The look of the American legal system is changing as we see more and more of these tiny participants joining the fray, something we’ll likely continue to observe well into the future.