Mistakes To Avoid With Legal Process Outsourcing

No matter how large a law firm is, there are always cases that will require resources that cannot be handled in-house. This is often the case in the area of corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and in regulatory compliance cases.

The issue with these types of cases is the sheer volume of documents that need to be addressed during discovery. The volume can easily include years of emails, contacts, and minutes of meetings, client contact records and on and on. Finding a way to go through this mountain of data and sort out what is relevant and what is immaterial to the case is often assigned to legal process outsourcing companies.

When hiring legal process outsourcing services, there are several serious mistakes to avoid. Unfortunately, many law firms or in-house legal teams make very basic mistakes when they hire a document review service, which can lead to increased costs, reduced accuracy and even the risk of inaccurate data.

Hire the Correct Service

Hiring the correct service may seem obvious, but not all legal process outsourcing are set up to handle the same type of work. Therefore, correct service is important to know specifically what needs to be done with the documents and what the exact results must be when the task is completed.

Verify that the service completing the process outsourcing has experience and expertise both in their staff as well as in the software program they are using. Check to make sure that the work is being overseen onsite by a US attorney.

Time to Delivery

One of the big advantages of outsourcing is the efficiency these specialized services can provide. Most will be able to double the speed of your in-house processing with their technology and specially trained reviewers.

If you are considering a company, don’t just check on services offered and the price. Make sure to verify that the company can provide the type of results and oversight of the work within the time frame your firm requires.