Storage Solutions For Short-term Louisville Storage Needs

When most people think of storage facilities they think of long-term storage needs, often focused around a move. However, there are a lot of different reasons why people or families may need short-term storage as well.

In Louisville, there are a number of different storage solutions for families that aren’t moving but that need to keep some or all of their possessions secure. By using a storage facility associated with a moving and relocation service you can utilize the movers to pack, load, move and store your items. Then, when you are ready to have them back in the house, all it takes is a phone call and they can be delivered when you need them.


Renovating a home, particularly for a major upgrade, can leave the house in shambles for weeks or even months. Constantly moving furniture and boxes can result in a lot of damage, which is why many people are now turning to moving company storage solutions.
Items are kept in environmentally controlled, secure facilities with round the clock security and full fire alarms and suppression systems. It is also possible to provide additional insurance if required.

Staging the Home

Decluttering and staging is a big part of selling a home. With moving company storage solutions all those extra boxes and the additional furniture can be safely stored in a secure location until your home sells and you are ready to move. This is a great way to address this issue and to keep your items safe with the same moving service that is handling your relocation.

Downsizing your home, moving from a home to an apartment or condo or even just traveling for extended periods of time are also good reasons to take advantage of secure storage. Just talk to your Louisville mover to find out prices and options to choose the service that is right for your needs.