Questions To Ask Houston Long Distance Movers

Moving out of state or across the country is a very different experience than moving within the city of Houston or to another location in the state. While Texas is a big place, most moves will have a one to three day window for intrastate moves, but it can be days to weeks when moving across the country.

When considering different long distance movers, there are some important questions to ask and have answered. Never assume the answer from any moving service and be sure to get answers before you actually book a company. Professional movers will be able to provide you with all the information you need, including their license and information on the valuation and insurance coverage options for your move.

Do You Use an In-Home Survey?

Some movers use an online checklist or a phone survey to determine the information they use for generating a quote for the move. These types of quotes are typically non-binding and can change dramatically when the load is actually on the truck.

Reputable long distance movers go the extra mile to provide in-home surveys. This allows a professional move estimator to come to your home and provide an accurate quote. This may be a binding quote or a not-to-exceed quote. These options will ensure you understand the maximum you will pay unless you add services or items.

Do You Hire Professional Movers at All Locations?

Not all long distance movers have trained and experienced staff in all locations. However, the national companies have affiliates and other movers they can work with to ensure that here are professionals on hand to unload and unpack.

Movers from Houston that don’t have this type of professional network hiring day labor. This means the people unloading and unpacking may not have any moving experience, increasing the risk of damage or loss.