Spring Weather Brings Out the Need for Increased Pest Control in Spokane

Spring weather increases the activity of many different types of pests. This is the time when termites are searching for a new home. Mice are also searching for new food sources. All of this extra activity and the temptation of leaving doors and windows open can create the opportunity for an invasion. These are a few indications that pests are on the move.

Termites will take off and fly to their new home. If you see a swarm of flying insects that are coming from wood, there has likely been an active nest in the area. Wings that have been discarded and concentrated in an area is also an indication of possible termite activity. Since termites are destructive insects, call for pest control in Spokane to treat any areas that they may find appealing. Any type of moist wood can be a potential site for their new home.

Mice are on the move at this time of year. They can squeeze through tiny openings. The pantry is a highly attractive food source. Once they get into a home, they will multiply rapidly. Within a few months, a full-scale invasion is occurring. Signs of an invasion include waste left behind by the mice as well as chewed-through containers or trails of food waste.

Squirrels are also on the move. Warm weather can increase their activity. With winter stores depleted, they are also on the search for new food sources. Signs that a squirrel invasion has occurred are flickering lights and sounds of scurrying inside the walls. Look for openings in the roof line or holes in the venting can create an opening for squirrels to enter. Unfortunately, most of the signs of squirrels are hidden behind the walls. A thorough investigation of the potential damage will have to be done after the pest control in Spokane has removed all of the squirrels.

The warmth of spring weather increases the activity of many pests. Because of this, the chances of an invasion occurring during this time of year are high. Pest control at this time of year can help deter these pests from entering the home. Browse our website for more information on pest control.