Dentists in Childress TX for Superb Oral Care and Cosmetic Procedures

Many people put dental care on the back burner. Stringent oral hygiene at home doesn’t mean oral health will always be in optimal shape. Routine dental exams detect oral maladies in due time to be treated. Dental professionals have high-tech dental equipment to remove plaque and tarter from teeth. Personal toothbrushes and flossing cannot achieve that level of cleaning. Digital x-rays with high- resolution imaging can expose oral conditions that are hard to diagnose in a manual exam. Oral maladies caught in the first stages of development have the best chance at a cure. Dentists in Childress TX assess each patient’s dental case to implement personalized treatment plans for all.

Teeth whitening is a procedure in high demand. It’s hard to avoid the effects continuous exposure to food and drink residue has on the surface of teeth. Teeth whitening or bleaching is an in-office procedure that uses a whitening gel and laser to remove stains. Dentists in Childress TX apply the whitening gel to teeth, then the laser destroys the carbon bonds that create stains on the teeth. After the carbon bonds are obliterated, the natural white color of teeth is shown. The gel and laser treatment part of the procedure may need to be repeated a few times, depending on how deep the stains are. After the procedure, patients are instructed to use whitening trays to uphold results.

At Panhandle Dental, patients can replace missing teeth with ease. Dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth. Implants work for an entire row of teeth or just a few. Tooth roots that used to be joined with natural teeth are adhered to a titanium post or anchor that attaches to artificial teeth. The dentist creates a mold of the mouth for custom shaped implants to be manufactured in a lab. In the meantime, temporary implants are worn for a few weeks while the gums fuse to the titanium posts. When the gums are ready for implants, the patient returns to have them fitted. Final adjustments are made, and a new, totally natural looking smile is created. Visit the website to learn about more dental procedures.