Specific Ways Body Cameras can be Beneficial for Police

There is no question that law enforcement body cameras have had a significant impact on law enforcement officials. As the cameras are quickly making their way into departments throughout the country, there is quite a bit of evidence that suggests the changes these will provide will be positive – for the public, as well as police officers. Some of the ways that these cameras can benefit the police are highlighted here.

Providing Evidence for Cases Involving Domestic Violence
It is difficult for some domestic violence cases to be prosecuted for several reasons. However, the largest and most challenging is the lack of evidence, or the victim being unwilling to testify. However, with the body cameras, when police respond to this type of call, they can record the statements given by the victim at the actual scene of the camera. This provides the police with the evidence to prosecute the case at a later date, even if the victim decides that they do not wish to do so. The footage captured will show the victim’s actual injuries, their demeanor and their immediate reactions.

Better Method of Collecting Evidence after an Accident
Unlike an in car camera, which many police have, the body camera will capture every detail of what happens when the officer is moving around the scene of an accident and interviewing witnesses. These cameras have been quite useful and can accurately preserve information in a case.

Recognition of Officer Behavior Patterns
The body cameras are able to elevate the abilities of the agency in terms of improving tactics and communication, as well as customer service. When the footage is used, it can provide a means of scenario based training for new officers and identify what areas additional training is necessary for.

The footage will also allow those in charge to identify and abusive or questionable behavior from the police so that it can be corrected, addressed or handled in some other manner before the problem becomes worse.

Decrease Complaints against the Police
Perhaps the most favored benefit of the law enforcement body cameras is the number of complaints that have been seen since they began being used. This number has dropped significantly, and continues to do so. Since all the evidence is recorded, anyone can get to the bottom of what really happened without having to determine who is telling the more truthful version of the story.