Spark Plugs Explained

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Automotive

Many of us simply turn the key and wait for the ignition to start the engine, without giving a second thought to the mechanisms and technology that allows the combustion engine to start. Car lovers who are looking at fixing up a junk car will have to learn a thing or two about spark plugs. After all, no Chicago junk car can run without working spark plugs! It’s useful for anyone to learn about these small objects that let modern travel happen with ease. Below you will find a basic explanation of the humble spark plug.

What Does It Do

In basic terms, when you turn your key in the ignition switch, an electrical charge is sent to spark plugs in your engine. The spark plug then starts to do its job, it begins the process of igniting fuel in order to create the energy that turns the wheels of your car. Spark plugs are vital to the running of any fuel based vehicle, it is the catalyst that starts the combustion process in the engine. The electricity that passes through the spark plug will be used to create a spark, which in turns ignites the fuel and kicks the engine into gear.

How Often Should They Be Replaced

Spark plugs are normally replaced during your regular maintenance checks. All spark plugs should be replaced at the same time with a new set. Modern fuel efficient and cleaner engines have increased the lifespan of the spark plug. There was a time when they would have to be replaced every 6000 miles. However, modern technological advancements in engines and fuel systems are now leading to spark plugs lasting upwards of 60,000 miles. You should always check with your manufacturer to check how often your car will need new spark plugs!

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