Epoxy Coated Garage Floors Should Be a Necessity

There are a number of reasons to install epoxy floor garage coatings. If you’re looking for a way to protect your floors, this may be one of your best options and here’s why:

Boosts Surface Durability

Epoxy is durable and helps add to the durability of your floors. Also, the added thickness makes your floor better equipped to absorb impact and heavy foot traffic or tire lifts in your garage.

Protects Your Color Coat

With a layer of epoxy coating, your color coat is well protected. So you won’t have to worry about the colors or patterns fading or wearing out any time soon. That means you can save on floor upgrades as well. If you want a floor coating that gives you cost-savings in the long run, epoxy is a good choice to consider.

Resistant to Oil and Some Chemicals

You won’t have to panic over the thought of spills and splashes happening in your garage. With a protective coating, oil and chemicals won’t have to reduce your garage flooring to a dull and lackluster surface. Just make sure the concrete is dry before you start applying the coat. Any signs of moisture could derail your coat application and give you less than satisfactory results.

Protects Your Flakes and Chips

If you want to make sure your garage floors match the style and personality of your home, using paint chips or color flakes is one way to achieve the color combination you want. Without a protective layer, those chips and flakes are going to peel out faster than they should. An epoxy coat locks them in and protects them from premature wear.

Makes Your Floor Easier to Clean

Also, dirt and dust can get into tight nooks and crannies of your chips or flakes, leaving you with a grimy floor that’s a nightmare to clean. Dust particles can also scratch and scuff your floors. With a top coat, keeping your floors dust-free is easy and stress-free.

Easy to Install for the Right Company

At Granite Garage Floors, our installation process puts a premium on quality. From thorough surface preparation to ideal drying times, we’ve built a reputation for delivering fantastic results. So if you want quality, reach out to us. Let’s explore all possible options for your floors. Call us now for a quote.