Simple Tips for Determining the Appropriate Wedding Venue

You see those enchanting photos of dapper, perfect couples that have flown to exotic tropical destinations, with trendy drinks in their hands, and you want it. You see the eternal love bursting from their eyes and their hearts. As you prepare to start your own search, however, doubt starts playing hide and seek with your planning process. You are determined to replicate that experience! But, where should you even start, and how? “Bridezilla” is just dying for that chance to step in and overtake the situation, but alas, you have seen the enchanting photos! That is a princess in those perfect images, not a monster. Now you are on a mission to find the fairytale destination and make it a reality!

Where to Start

People often don’t know where to start because they are thinking too big. Having grand plans are just fine, but you can’t make them happen if you don’t know where to start! You have to have a plan of action for the wedding of your dreams if you want it to become a reality. Start small. Make a list. Take all of your magical ideas and come up with a formula. Your list should be very basic to start, and if you can’t come up with your own list ideas, there are plenty examples online. You can even download and print free lists. If you can’t make a list, start by finding a list.

Choose a Location

Many women have had their weddings planned since childhood. Maybe you have always pictured a beach wedding with waves crashing in the background, the sunset glittering on the water, and saltwater kissing your cheek as your groom is waiting his turn? Your husband may have dreamt of camping out on his wedding day, and having bushy green shrubbery in the wedding photos. It might be the perfect addition to the antlers that live right above the mantle. Maybe you want to tie the knot in a divine garden setting by a body of water? Whether you are dead set on your wedding location or not, there are a few things you should consider before choosing a location.

Things to Consider

Your dream location may be fantastic, but is it practical? Will it be able to accommodate your most important guests? Some things to consider are the age of your guests, if they can stand the weather conditions, amenities certain people may need, etc. There will generally be booking costs. In some instances other guests may use the same space. Pets are allowed in some areas, and sometimes other guests are booked before and afterwards. Always make sure that you can have what you need delivered to the area you choose, and that all your guests can make it safely to the location in time for the ceremony. All of this ensures that you will find the perfect location for your wedding.

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