Signs You Need Drain Cleaning in Cedar Rapids, IA

Your plumbing system is made up of multiple drains all over your house that drain into a single sewer main. That single main either goes to your municipal water treatment facility or into a septic tank. If it’s not draining properly, you will see problems throughout your house. If you have a septic tank, you could even see a few different problems. Here are some signs you need drain cleaning services.

Slow Draining

If you have one fixture, such as the bathtub, that does not drain very quickly, you have a localized problem. You need to use a plumber-approved liquid rooter or a drain snake to clean it out. If you can’t, you need to call a professional, but usually that can be dealt with by one person. However, if you have multiple drains that are draining slowly, it’s likely a problem further down in the pipes. You’ll need to call for a professional drain cleaning in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning can assist you with a whole host of issues dealing with slow drains. They will be able to boost the draining of your fixtures in no time at all.

Smelly Drains

Your drains are supposed to take wastewater away from your house. In some cases, they can get clogged or become damaged so that the sewage does not all travel away from your house. In those cases, you need a drain cleaning that will remove the offending sewage and eliminate the smell. You should try running some water through your fixtures first. Some fixtures have a U-bend that collects water and blocks sewage smells. Other fixtures just need to have the sewage flushed away.

If water backs up or if that solution doesn’t work, immediately call a professional plumber. This professional will be able to clean your drains and solve your issues. Click here for more details about professional drain cleaning in Cedar Rapids, IA.