Find Out What Determines the Cost of Repairing Car Hail Damage in Denver

If you have hail damage coverage, your insurance will cover the hail dent repair cost in Denver, CO. However, if you don’t have insurance, you may need to cover the expense out of pocket.

Even if you have insurance, your insurance may not approve the supplemental estimate or initial estimate. In these cases, the hail dent repair costs in Denver, CO, for your vehicle will need to be discussed with your insurance adjuster. Oftentimes, the mechanic doing the job is able to discuss estimate totals with the adjuster. They are able to explain why the repairs cost as much as they do. They can serve as advocates for you.

The cost of repairs will fluctuate based on the severity of the damage and where the damage is located. It usually takes around 14 days to repair a vehicle with hail damage. The speed of repair will vary based on how quickly your insurance company responds for the damage.

In most cases, insurance companies will approve hail damage expenses for around seven days. The approval is emailed to the shop doing the work. Once they get approval, they can dig in and start to fix your vehicle.

While your vehicle is being repaired, you may need to get a rental vehicle. The cost of that will also depend on how much your insurance company is willing to cover.

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