Signs it is Time to Call for Foundation Crack Repair in Washington DC

There are all types of soil on the planet, and homes are built on virtually all the different types “out there.” Even though the techniques used to build a home don’t change much, the behavior of the soil will. Soil that is rich in clay will swell up when it gets damp, and then retract during a drought; however, it doesn’t always expand and retract in the same direction.

As a result, houses on this type of expansive soil are at risk of settling or being lifted in an uneven manner. Over time, this can damage and crack the foundation. Some of the signs it is time to call for foundation crack repair in Washington DC can be found here.

Bad Odors

When people first think about the foundation of their home, they may not associate a musty or unusual odor with a problem with this element. However, this can actually result from an unsettled foundation. If the house is no longer flat, or if it has started to pull apart, it creates gaps in the structure that was not there before, allowing air to seep from these locations into the house. If there is a strange odor, then a homeowner should consider that the issue is with the foundation.

Unusual Humidity Levels

Today’s homes are sealed with both drywall and paint to help and keep the damp outside air on the outside. However, if the home’s structure is no longer aligned, then the underground or outside humidity may move into the living area. If a room seems unusually muggy, then it could be because the humidity has started to seep in through or behind separating walls. It’s a good idea to go ahead and call for foundation crack repair in Washington DC, as this isn’t a problem that is going to correct itself.

When it comes to a foundation issue, be sure to keep the signs of an issue listed here in mind. More information about this can be found when a person takes the time to check out Being informed is the best way to handle any potential foundation issue.