Protect Your Property from Fire

Some fires do not respond well to being sprayed with water. Chemical, grease and electrical fires may worsen if you spray water at them. Our Tundra fire extinguishing spray puts out the fire and keeps you safe. We offer this product so that home and business owners anywhere in the United States can have more peace of mind.

This fire extinguishing spray comes in a container that is easy to use. The high-powered dispenser does not take a lot of force to use, which ensures that even a child could put out a fire if needed. The spray offers a wide coverage area, which allows you to stand at a distance away from the flames.

This fire extinguishing spray is ideal for use in many situations. We recommend that small business owners keep a few of them handy in places such as a break room or storage area. Mechanics should have these products ready in case flames break out when they are making repairs. Welders and other people who make use of open flames and torches should also have a system available for spraying fire extinguishing foam if the flames ignite something that they do not want to burn.

Homeowners also benefit from this fire extinguishing spray. People who do some work in their garage with torches or creating sparks from cutting may need to have one of these in case a fire breaks out. This is especially important if the garage is attached to the house.

When you are ready to have the protection of our Tundra fire extinguishing spray, contact us at First Alert, Inc. We can provide you with additional details and specifications about this product. You may also visit us online at in order to learn more about our products and what sets us apart.