Signs it is Time for Sprinkler Repair in Spokane

A properly maintained sprinkler system can save a homeowner quite a bit of money and time. However, if a system doesn’t work properly, it may be necessary to invest in Sprinkler Repair in Spokane. Getting to know some of the signs it is time for this type of repair can be found here.

Increasing Cost for Water

In most cases, if a homeowner notices that their water costs are going up, then there may be a leak somewhere in the sprinkler system. In most cases, this means that Sprinkler Repair Spokane is necessary. Even a small leak can result in the water bill costing hundreds of more dollars than it should each year.

Wet Areas in the Lawn

A sprinkler system that is properly designed should provide a landscape with sufficient, even hydration. It should not leave a swamp behind. However, if there are areas of standing water several hours after the sprinklers turn off, then there may be a drainage issue present, a broken pipe, or an issue with the sprinkler alignment issue.

Dead or Brown Patches of Grass

If a homeowner notices dry or dead patches of grass in their yard, the issue may be that it isn’t getting enough water. This could be due to a sprinkler head that is not working properly, or even a broken pipe. If water doesn’t get to certain parts of the grass, then they may become burnt or dry in the hot summer sun.

Signs that is Physical Damage

When a sprinkler head is broken, it can allow water to shoot into the air. However, not all types of damage are that obvious. Homeowners should visibly inspect their system from time to time to find signs of blocked or clogged heads, settling soil that has exposed the system, or even tire tracks where heavy equipment may have damaged the system.

When it comes to sprinkler system issues, being aware of the problem is the best course of action. This can help ensure that the sprinklers continue working as they should. If more information is needed about when sprinkler repair is needed, a homeowner can take some time to Browse our website. Being informed can help ensure that a sprinkler system continues to work properly.