Is Self Driving Trucking Worth the Lower Freight Rates?

Recently, the first driverless load of beer was transported and delivered. The truck brought over 50,000 cans of fermented beverages from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. Even though it was only about a 120-mile run, it represented the first of many autonomous freight deliveries destined for the future. It is a proven fact, this technology can lower freight rates significantly. Some estimates are as high as 40 percent. But is this technology worth the savings. Let’s look a little closer and see.

What is Autonomous Trucking?

Self driving trucking is accomplished with special equipment and is nothing new. In fact, Google self driving cars have logged over a million of miles of efficient driving. At present, it requires immediate supervision but as the technology improves and costs go down, it may only require minimal remote monitoring management.

Cheaper Freight Rates Result in Cheaper Products

When you lower the cost of shipping, you can charge much less for products. This can be good for the economy as many consumers may be able to afford items they could not have afforded before the changeover. As prices lower, millions of people will see the benefits.

Solving the Trucker Shortage Issue

At present, there are not enough truck drivers to go around. This can create logistic nightmares for many companies. However, self driving trucks can easily solve this issue once they become commonplace.

Removing the Human Factor

Imagine eliminating many accidents and highway deaths due to human error. This is very beneficial. On the other hand, thousands of people will lose their high paying jobs and the price of low freight rates will be too much for them to bear. It’s a double-edged sword which everyone will eventually have to deal with. It looks like it is coming and its best for even seasoned truckers to begin making new career plans.