Services Provided By Residential Home Health Care

Picking a residential care center for an elderly family member can be very stressful. Most people don’t have the ability to care for aging parents or other family members in their homes and will turn to residential home health care experts for help. This will allow your loved one to stay at home, surrounded by their familiar belongings, and face the end of their life with grace.

What’s Provided

Most residential home health care services provide medical care for their patients that includes giving them their medication at preset times, filling those prescriptions as necessary, and meeting other medical needs as they arise. These services aren’t ideal for people who have the need for skilled medical care such as a feeding tube, but they often provide just enough support that their patients are happy and well taken care of. It’s not uncommon for them to provide transportation to medical appointments, housekeeping, and will even help with toileting and bathing. As the patient nears the end of their life, services needed and provided will change, but it’s that fluidity that makes this experience so calming to the patients.

A Loving Relationship

Due to the nature of residential home health care, the staff and patients will begin to feel as if they are family. This relationship doesn’t come across as sterile as it may appear if the patient were in a nursing facility or admitted to the hospital. Family members of the patient will also benefit from this relationship, and often will rely on the staff and medical care providers for emotional support during this difficult time.

Many elderly adults find that a residential care in their home meets all of their needs and allows them the dignity and grace of living out the rest of their life at home. For most people, the thought of dying in a hospital is awful and something they usually want to avoid if at all possible. Thanks to home health care and the dedicated people who will provide health care in a patient’s home, this is possible for more and more people nowadays. The loving medical professionals at Sacred Journey Hospice are available to answer any questions about end-of-life home health care for you or your loved one. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.