AC Problems? 4 Things to Know Before Calling in the Pros

You’re ready to settle into the tub for a good soak to cap the day. But a few minutes after you step through the door and turn on your AC unit, you know there’s something wrong. Make it easy on yourself to get help. Here are a few tips when you look for an air conditioning repair service in Charlotte NC:

Don’t panic

There are several reasons why your AC isn’t performing at its best. Your air filters could be dirty or your registers are blocked with dirt and dust. It could also be as simple as getting your thermostat on the wrong settings, says Consumer Reports. Check the plug to make sure it’s secure. If the problem isn’t caused by any of these, time to call nearby experts for assistance. At JLK Mechanical, we can provide you with AC services to help you out.

Make an appointment early on

If you’re lucky enough that the damage isn’t urgent to warrant an emergency call for AC assistance, call in early and schedule an appointment with an air conditioning repair service in Charlotte NC. The sooner you get help, the sooner your AC system can get right back on track.

Repair or Replace?

By calling in experts close to your home for air conditioning repair as soon as possible, you can keep minor problems and issues with your AC from getting worse. That can save you a lot on replacement costs and major repair bills. You can also find out if your unit’s fit for repairs or an immediate replacement.

An experienced HVAC repair contractor can tell you if your unit can still be repaired or not. Get quality service at affordable prices when you call us.  Receive a FREE quote or estimate today! With trustworthy service and speedy results, you can count on us to help you.