Selecting the Perfect Crystal Award

If you’ve decided to give out a crystal award to one or multiple recipients at a work function or any other event, you’ve got some decisions to make. A crystal award is an elegant object to receive and carries a significant meaning to the recipient. However, selecting the perfect crystal award should take a little bit of time and thought since there are so many options to choose from.

Material Type

The first thing you can consider is the type of material the crystal award will be made from. Some of the selections include blue crystal, emerald crystal, jade crystal, lead crystal, bronze plated and many more. Each material type has its own unique characteristics, so you can find the perfect one to fit your event.


Also think about how the recipient may want to use their crystal award. If the recipient has an office, they might like a crystal nameplate, paperweight, candy jar, clock or anything else they can display on their desk. Other people may just want something larger that can’t necessarily fit on a desk, but would look great on a bookshelf or somewhere else for display purposes.


When selecting the perfect crystal award, you have to consider the customization options offered. If a recipient receives a generic crystal award, it won’t carry as much meaning as one displayed with their name and a brief note about what the award was for.

The great thing about a crystal award is it can be customized to fit any event or style of the recipient. Spending a little time and effort on a crystal award can make a big difference for the recipient.