Save Money With Cheap Unlocked Smartphones With No Contract

Every generation of kids has their “must have” items. Today, one of the most common requests at Christmas and for birthdays and other special events is for kids to get their own smartphone.

Going through a carrier and buying phones can be cost prohibitive and add hundreds of dollars to the phone budget every year. One way that Moms and Dads can dramatically reduce the cost of phones for the entire family is to choose cheap unlocked smartphones with no contract.

Low Initial Cost

There are top quality, durable and very stylish cheap unlocked smartphones with no contract on the market today. These may be available through Amazon or other online retailers, and they may also be available in independent communication and mobile device stores in malls and other retail outlets.

Ideally, buying a new unlocked smartphone instead of trying to unlock a used cell phone is the best option. It is not only easier, but it provides everyone in the family with the option to choose just the phone they want and have it ready to use when it arrives.

These phones can be less than half the price of the major brands of smartphones offered through carriers. They offer all the same functions and features and are fully compatible with all Android apps and options.

Kid Friendly

Adults will appreciate the sophistication and features on the phones, but they are also very kid friendly. Kids can choose to download their own apps and, with parental control apps on the phones, there is no concern about kids making purchases or accessing apps or online content that is inappropriate.

These phones offer micro-SD slots for extra storage of 32 or 64G, allowing kids and parents to take pictures, store multimedia files and have everything they need and want at their fingertips.


Another essential consideration for money saving potential with cheap unlocked smartphones with no contract for the entire family is the ability to change carriers. The phones are unlocked, which means they will work with most of the major US carriers.

If you do travel for work or are planning a family vacation, the existing SIM cards can be replaced at your destination with a local provider’s SIM card. This will prevent any roaming and long distance types of charges to your accounts while still allowing everyone full access to stay in touch with friends and family back home.