Routine Central Air Conditioning Service in Lebanon, NJ Minimizes Repair Costs

Regular maintenance is important for all types of air conditioners. Even newer AC units running at peak performance can benefit from a routine inspection. Most HVAC companies recommend customers have their air conditioners serviced on a yearly basis. Typically, spring is the best time to schedule a service call before extremely hot or humid weather arrives. A company offering Central Air Conditioning Service inLebanon NJ can thoroughly clean and inspect a unit for potential problems. This greatly minimizes the chance of a breakdown during summer months.

Preventative Maintenance Plans Are a Smart Way to Save Money

Many HVAC companies offer a discount for customers who purchase an annual maintenance plan. For a small fee, homeowners can have their air conditioners and furnaces serviced on a regular basis. This is ideal for recognizing heating or cooling problems before they become major issues. Investing in a maintenance plan is a smart way to save money on HVAC repairs over time. Most service plans include the cost of replacing the air filter on an air conditioner if necessary.

A Clean AC Unit Operates More Efficiently

While having an air conditioner cleaned might not seem too important, it actually has a noticeable impact on the operating efficiency of a unit. HVAC systems that are not cleaned on a regular basis tend to collect a substantial amount of dirt and dust. When these particles accumulate in the air filter or condensing coils, it takes longer for the unit to reach the desired cooling temperature. Scheduling an appointment for Central Air Conditioning Service inLebanon NJ helps to minimize both cooling costs and major repairs.

Proper Maintenance Extends the Life of a Central Air Conditioner

Although most air conditioning units tend to last about 15 years, those that aren’t properly cared for can break down much sooner. A routine check not only involves cleaning the unit for better performance, but it also entails inspecting a number of parts for wear or damage. An HVAC technician will carefully examine the coils, motor blower, refrigerant levels, operating temperatures, and the drain, return and supply lines. By meticulously checking all of these items, the chances of overlooking future issues or problems are reduced. For more information on routine central air conditioning service or repairs, contact us today.