BEFORE You Buy- Know What a Polaris Off-Road Vehicle Dealer in Middleburg FL Charges!

Buying a new Polaris Off Road vehicle is exciting and many of the dealers out there are banking on your excitement to sneak in some extra charges for themselves. The truth is you have to choose a Polaris off-road vehicle dealer in Middleburg FL that can keep those hidden fees from picking your pocket. Most people do not realize that they do NOT HAVE to pay those sometimes exorbitant hidden fees that some dealerships charge.

How It Works

You go to the dealership after reading about a great sale and you get excited at the thought of finally getting your new off road vehicle. The dealer hopes that you are so excited that you miss a few of the extras that they have tossed into the cost like:

* Setup fees
* Freight fees
* Other dealer fees

Those hidden costs can take your Polaris from a great deal of making it a little less affordable. What’s the point in having a sale if you are still going to charge ridiculous add in fees? Charging a set-up fee is a little ridiculous, don’t you go to a dealership to buy an off road vehicle, so that it is ready to go when you leave with it? Freight fees? That is another hidden cost that some dealerships do not think are fair charges. Why should you have to pay for the delivery of your Polaris? Again, isn’t that why you go to a dealer to begin with?

The One Dealer

There is one dealer that offers great prices and takes those hidden costs right out of the equation by never charging them. When you want to get an honest deal without ridiculous extra hidden costs, contact us and we will give you the best deal in town!