Reviewing Probabilities With A Slip And Fall Attorney In Charles County, MD

In Maryland, commercial property owners and retail store owners are among the most common defendants in a premises liability case. The reason for this is that they don’t manage their property adequately. They often overlook common conditions that could produce injuries. The following is a review of probabilities that can lead to injuries with a slip and fall attorney in Charles County MD.

Structural Damage Inside Stores

Structural damage is often overlooked and could lead to serious repercussions. They can relate to a worker or visitor-related injuries. If the property owner doesn’t manage these conditions properly and adhere to building codes, they could become the defendant in a lawsuit. Depending on the type of structural damage, the owner could face liabilities that are associated with more serious injuries if the damage remains.

Damaged Parking Lots

Damaged parking lots can lead to slip and fall injuries as well. Potholes can cause individuals to fall and injure their ankles and feet. They could also fall and sustain head injuries in some instances. These conditions can also create the right recipe for an auto accident with injuries. If these parking lots aren’t maintained properly, they present a liability for the owner.

Chemical Spills that Caused a Fall

In retail stores, it is possible for chemically-based products to spill in aisleways. These conditions can lead to a slip and fall injury for customers. The company must follow safety protocol when these events happen as the chemicals could produce further injuries.

Identifying the Liability

In a personal injury case, it is paramount for the claim to include the exact liability. This may require the attorney to procure images of structural damage or conditions that produced the injuries. They could also acquire surveillance footage from the store of the accident to show the liability as well.

In Maryland, commercial property owners and retail store owners could face a personal injury case if they don’t maintain their property. These cases could present them with a major financial loss depending on how they managed these injuries when they occurred. Victims of these accidents who need a slip and fall attorney in Charles County MD can contact us today.