3 Signs that it’s Time to Call in Elk Grove Pest Control

Catching a pest infestation in the early stages can mean the difference between a quick resolution and a process that is costly and takes forever to complete. Some pest control problems develop so slowly, it’s hard to catch them early, and others surprise you out of nowhere. Read on below for three of the top signs that you need to call in Elk Grove pest control right away.

You’ve Killed Just a Couple of Pests in Your Home
It’s really easy to think that spotting a couple of pests and killing them, doesn’t warrant calling in professional Elk Grove pest control. However, those couple of pest could just be an indicator of a much bigger infestation that you haven’t discovered yet.

You Find Droppings
The first thing you need to realize is that some droppings from pests can be toxic. If you find droppings, shed body parts or roach egg casings, then you can be pretty sure you already have an infestation and need to call in pest control as soon as possible. Left to their own devices, pests will get out of hand, and you will have a hard time getting rid of them, even with professional help.

You Notice Strange Smells You Can’t Identify
If your infestation is already serious, sometimes you can smell it, but can’t identify the odor. A trained professional can tell you what the problem is by the smell in many cases. The smell is bad enough, but it can also attract other pests to your property as well.

These are just a few of the signs that you need professional pest control help. For more information and to get the help you need, contact the agents at Apex Pest Control Inc. today.