Reviewing a DUI With Defense Attorneys in Lancaster County, PA

In Pennsylvania, all drivers are subject to an implied consent any time they choose to drive while intoxicated. This gives the officers the right to make them submit to chemical testing to determine if they are over the legal limit. The following is a review of a DUI with defense attorneys in Lancaster County, PA.

The Penalties for Convictions

In the state of Pennsylvania, the first DUI offense can incur a fine of $300. In most cases, the driver’s license isn’t suspended. The only first-time offenders who are required to install an ignition interlocking device are those who refused to submit to chemical testing.

The second DUI offense can incur a minimum of five days in jail with a maximum of six months. The fine for these offenses ranges between $300 and $2,500. The driver’s license is suspended for one year. The driver is required to install an ignition interlocking device and may also be subject to a restricted license later on.

The third DUI offense requires at least ten days with a maximum of two years in county lockup. The fines for these offenses range from $500 to $5,000. The license is also suspended for one year, and the defendant must also install the ignition interlocking device at their expense.

Vital Details About DUIs

The state of Pennsylvania utilizes a zero tolerance policy for all underage drivers. They can apply penalties for these drivers if they have any blood-alcohol content reading. If they have a reading, the state can apply the full penalty of the offense based on the total number of previous convictions.

If the driver refuses to submit to testing, the state can apply a one-year license suspension for the first offense. Next, if they refuse for the second time, the suspension is increased to eighteen months.

In Pennsylvania, all drivers are subject to an immediate arrest if they choose to drive under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. Drivers are subject to implied consent and could also be charged for a wet drunk. Drivers who are facing these charges should contact defense attorneys in Lancaster County, PA through the Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery right now.

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