Red Carpet Hire For Your Parties

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Events

Red carpet parties are exceptionally exciting and are setting the party trend. If you want to consider these options for your next event, you’ll want to find a hire company to help with all the items you will need. While they can help with many of the items, you may still need to do a few things on your own and plan for the big event.


The first thing you want to consider is the invitations. They should be made to look glamorous, like a real party to toast Hollywood in the States. Use glitter, red papers, stars, gold and other exciting options to get in the spirit. Make sure you include a RSVP number or email address. You may also want to consider a pre-party and post-party event, as well to keep the fun going all night.


When considering the entry, you’ll want glamorous lights and a red carpet, of course. While you can go to any store and purchase red plastic to cover the area, you may want to go all out and consider plush or velvet carpeting to make it a truly unique event. It should be long enough to go from the parking area to your entrance, whether that is your home, inflatable or marquee.


Make sure you set up a special awards area, just like they would in Hollywood. This can include a podium and grand seating options. The hire company you select can help with these items, as well. You can request a lot of seats and a special podium to be brought on the day of the event.


No party is ever complete without food, so make sure you offer a lot of fun food. Most people prefer to serve desserts, but you can use any finger food that fits your tastes and budget.


The activities are where it’s at, and you’ll want to go out with a bang. You can encourage your guests to dress like movie stars like in the US and have someone available to ‘judge’ their outfits. You can also interview the guests, offering a pre-award show. You can also offer karaoke, dancing and other activities that will be fun and keep the party going. If you have an outdoor pool, you may want to consider a pool cover so that you can use that area as the dance floor, making it even more exciting.

Going big with red carpet hire for your parties can ensure that you’ll have the best party ever. Visit Harts today to learn about all the items they offer to help create the perfect party.

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