Reasons To Consider Restylane In Chicago

If you’re like most people, you want to look your best, remove unwanted wrinkles on the face and stay away from surgical procedures. The best option for most people is a dermal filler, which uses a few injections in the areas to be treated. Restylane in Chicago provides such an option, and there are so many exciting reasons to use this dermal filler rather than others, such as Botox.


Because almost everything related to cosmetic surgery is surgical, people don’t have a lot of options when they want a simple procedure that doesn’t require going under the knife. However, this product is non-invasive and uses a few injections in the facial area you wish to have treated. Because it doesn’t require a lot of cutting and repositioning, your recovery time will be quick and in some cases, immediate.

Bodily Fluid

Though the product is made with more than one ingredient, one such component is produced by the body, called hyaluronic acid. Because it is already found in the body, it causes few allergic reactions and is considered safe for almost everyone. It uses no toxins that could be harmful to the body, making it a more natural choice for those who want to reduce the look of lines without the toxicity of most products.

No Animal Products

Most fillers on the market are made with animal products, which can cause severe allergic reaction in some patients, but because Restylane in Chicago doesn’t use bird proteins, you won’t have an allergy to the product. Those who lead a vegan lifestyle or prefer not to use animal meats and products can also use this product, making it perfect for almost every lifestyle.

Side Effects

Many other fillers cause some side effects, but the same isn’t true of this product. You may notice slight redness or swelling where the needle was inserted, but these will go away in a few days and won’t cause you to lose work or stop doing regular activities.


You’ll notice better results with this product, and they will appear immediately. You may also notice a more firm appearance after using this filler because it is firmer than others. Many people complain that dermal fillers last a few weeks or months at most, but this product can last up to six months, depending on your lifestyle and needs, so you don’t have as many treatments to look your best.

Restylane in Chicago is an excellent choice for many reasons. Consider visiting The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery today to learn more and request a consultation.