Are Windshield Replacements Really Important If The Windshield Is Cracked?

A small crack in a windshield doesn’t seem like a big deal. Some people do manage to drive for a while with a cracked windshield. After all, the windshield is made of laminated glass, a “sandwich” consisting of two pieces of glass with a plastic layer in the middle. Are Windshield Replacements really necessary?

A Windshield Helps to Protect the Driver and Passenger in an Accident

Safety is the most important reason to replace a damaged windshield. The windshield in a car is a load-bearing structure, very important if the car is in an accident and rolls over. In a front end collision, the windshield helps to redistribute the energy. Instead of the force of the impact being directed inside the vehicle, onto the driver and passengers, the energy is directed downward, around the car.

The Air Bag Could Malfunction

If the windshield is damaged, the air bag could deploy incorrectly in an accident, causing an injury instead of preventing one. The secondary function of windshields is to ensure that the air bag system is properly held in place.

The Windshield Could Shatter Unexpectedly

Laminated glass is designed so that it is able to bend a very small amount; the plastic inner layer helps to prevent broken pieces of glass from showering onto the driver and passenger. However, it’s possible that just driving over a small bump could cause a fracture to shatter. In an accident, this is more likely to happen. Many people have been seriously injured by flying glass.

A Police Officer Could Issue a Ticket

In Texas, a driver can receive a ticket if the crack is in their line of sight, just as someone could get a ticket for a broken headlight. If the windshield is repaired or replaced prior to the court date, the ticket will be dismissed and it will only be necessary to pay $10 for an administrative fee. Of course, it will be necessary to take the day off from work and spend hours sitting in a crowded room before your case is called. So in actuality, driving with a cracked windshield will not be cheap, when taking time and hassle into account.

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