Reasons Atlanta Homeowners Need To Consider Epoxy Floor Coating

Anyone in Atlanta needs to consider upgrading their old garage or ground level concrete flooring. If you currently have a painted concrete floor, it is probably flaking, peeling or stained even on the interior of the home.

Garage floors tend to wear even quicker, with hot tires, oil and fluids and the constant wear and tear quickly making garage floors look old and tired. In some cases, homeowners may have tried a do-it-yourself floor coating kit, which may also be showing signs of use and wear.

There is one answer to these problems. It is to hire professionals to apply an epoxy floor coating that will last for a lifetime and also looks just like new. If this sounds too good to be true, keep reading to find out the top reasons to have these floors installed.

Bonds with the Surface to Last

Unlike paints or the do-it-yourself floor coating kits, professionally applied epoxy floor coating is done in several steps. This includes preparation work on the concrete that allows the epoxy to bond to the surface, preventing peeling, flaking or lifting even with hot tires or chemical or vehicle fluid spills.

There are some professional installers that can create a natural stone look or a patterned design on the floor that looks like granite, terrazzo or quartz, which is an ideal look for a garage or a home.

Easy to Maintain

Once the professionals install the epoxy coating, maintenance of the floor is easy. Wipe up spills as soon as they are noted and sweep the area to remove debris on a regular basis.

Simply rinse with water or wash with a pH neutral cleaner and mop. With regular sweeping and spot cleaning when needed, you should only have to do the full cleaning occasionally and as needed.

The addition of epoxy floor coating to a garage or a home concrete floor is more than just an aesthetic addition to an Atlanta home. It can also help to keep your home looking newer and even help in making a sale when you are ready to upgrade.