Blue Crabs: What Makes Them So Distinct and Why People Love to Eat Them

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Food

Seafood lovers enjoy eating a variety of crustaceans that the ocean provides for them to eat. From shrimp to lobster, there is a range of shellfish that make delicious meals that people love to devour. One of the most popular crustaceans that you can find on a menu at a local seafood restaurant that people enjoy is crabs. People have fun cracking them open and love the delicious flavor that crabs offer. Especially, blue crabs that have a distinct flavor that makes people crave them even more. In the winter time, these types of crabs will hibernate during the season and will begin to store fat in their body. This fat is what gives blue crabs a natural additive that makes the meat sweet and tender.

They Are Versatile

One of the primary reasons that people enjoy dining on blue crabs is their flexibility in how they can be prepared. People enjoy being able to steam the crabs and dig the meat out for a mouthwatering dinner. They can even add them to dishes to help enhance their flavor such as pasta dishes. From appetizers to the main course, there are numerous recipes on how to cook this scrumptious crustacean. With the right seasoning, the can have your mouth bursting with a robust flavor.

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