Quick Control With A Pneumatic Pinch Valve

by | Jan 15, 2019 | manufacturing

In many types of applications, including for sanitary processes in the food and beverage production industry, in the production of pharmaceutical products, in labs and testing facilities, medical equipment and dental devices, having precision control over the flow of a liquid or a gas through fine bore types of tubing is critical.

Using traditional types of valves requires the operator to turn a knob or a lever to engage the valve and stop the flow. A faster, more effective and efficient option for these types of applications is to use a pneumatic pinch valve, which provides a faster, less costly and more efficient way to provide a 100% seal with flexible plastic tubing.

The Benefits

Ideal for most dental equipment that uses compressed air for operation, the pneumatic pinch valve allows for complete and instant control over the shutoff of the flow of the gas through the tubing. As the name implies, this is done by simply applying pressure the valve to pinch the flexible tubing together, creating an airtight seal. Once the pinch is released, the pressure of the compressed air or gas pushes the tubing open, allowing for full pressure again.

In addition to being effective at creating a 100% seal, there is also no contact of the media, in this case, the air or the gas, with the pneumatic pinch valve. The media only has contact with the tubing, which eliminates any concerns with contamination or the need for cleaning and sterilization to meet protocols and standard of in-line types of valves. Different valve sizes accommodate different tubing sizes.

Low cost, easy to use anywhere on the tubing and very long-lasting, these types of valves are ideal for high use types of applications as well as on equipment and systems that are only occasionally or rarely used.

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