Questions to Ask Party Venues in Katy, TX

Throwing a celebration, no matter what type, requires planning. Some parties elicit fine attention to detail and months, or even years, or dedicated planning while other soirees are put together in a relatively short period of time. No matter what type of party, some hosts opt for a La Fontaine Reception Hall as the backdrop of their affair. Researching different halls is a smart idea, and people should keep some questions in mind to ask so that they can ensure their affairs are just what they want.

People researching Party Venues in Katy TX must ask about the maximum number of people permitted in the hall. They also have to find out about the minimum to maintain the same cost. For example, hosts often guarantee a certain number of guests. Let’s say that a host guaranteed 100 guests and was quoted a price of $50 per person. In the event that only 90 guests attended, the host would still have to pay for those extra 10 guests. Party planners should ask if the hall will throw in anything extra to account for that cost.

Exploring Party Venues in Katy TX also means looking into food and drink packages. Spaces usually offer full bars, no alcohol, or a package with beer, wine, and soda. Knowing the crowd helps hosts to decide which package is the most appropriate for their guests. Also, party hosts should find out if a discount exists for children and for guests under 21 years of age, as the former generally consume less food and the latter cannot consume alcohol.

Some hosts may want to decorate the space, or they might want to arrive at the venue early to take pictures. However, other events might be happening before theirs. Therefore, they need to confirm with the hall to see what time they may arrive. In general, getting this information in writing is wise. Many months can pass from the date the event is booked until it actually comes to fruition. Therefore, party hosts want to make sure they maintain an accurate stream of information from the start to the finish. They should also check in with the hall if they have any questions.