Questions to ask car insurance agents In Edmond, OK

In Oklahoma, all auto insurance laws are enforced. These laws define administrative penalties incurred by any driver without liability coverage. Equally, the auto owners could face further penalties if they are at fault in an accident. Car insurance agents in Edmond OK help auto owners acquire the right level of coverage.

What are the Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements?

The minimum requirements for liability coverage begin with a minimum coverage value of $25,000. This value covers the entire accident if only one party is injured or dies as a result of an auto accident. The maximum value for coverage is $50,000. This is the value presented if there are multiple injuries or fatalities. The policy must also offer $25,000 for auto expenses for the entire accident. Liability coverage doesn’t provide funds for the vehicle owner or their automobile.

What Factors Could Increase Insurance Premiums?

The primary factor that could increase insurance premiums is the owner’s driving record. This followed closely by their spouse’s driver record. Multiple accidents or moving violations on these records increases premiums drastically. Under these circumstances, SR-22 insurance may be required. These policies are significantly more expensive than standard policies.

Drivers under the age of twenty-five pay higher premiums as well. However, teen drivers acquire the highest premiums of all. Drivers in this age group with bad driving records could face excessively high premiums.

What Discounts are Available?

Discounts are available when multiple cars are added to the policy. Select policies may also provide discounts for clean driving records. These policies could also provide student-based discounts. These discounts are based on driving records and academic standings.

How Does an Umbrella Policy Help?

Umbrella policies allow the owner to add more than one type of vehicle to the policy. This includes automobiles, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and boats. These policies could provide greater savings based on the total number of vehicles covered.

In Oklahoma, any driver without auto liability insurance faces administrative penalties. These penalties equate to a $250 fine and thirty days in jail. The court may suspend the driver’s license and vehicle registration, too. Auto owners who need coverage should speak to Car Insurance Agents in Edmond OK at American Insurance Partners LLC today.