Finding Auto Insurance in Burleson TX After a DWI Conviction

by | May 12, 2016 | Insurance

The humiliation that comes with a DWI arrest may seem as if it’s the worst part of the case, but the consequences can last much longer than the shame. The cost of money and time in doing mandatory community service, paying fines and losing one’s driver’s license may seem minor when compared to finding affordable Auto Insurance in Burleson TX. A DWI can affect insurance rates for up to three years after one is convicted. However, drivers can do certain things to make it easier to find coverage after a DWI arrest.

Realize That There’s no Quick Fix
Though a DWI can happen quickly, there’s no fast way to get things back to normal. Some drivers may find it hard to fulfill all of the court’s requirements, and to find an auto insurer who’s willing to offer coverage. Many companies will not cover someone who has had a DWI within the past three years.

Understand That the Process is Costly
Higher-risk insurance for those convicted of DWI is expensive, regardless of where it is purchased. The combo of higher rates, mandatory substance abuse treatment and court fines can be costly.

Contest the DUI Charges
A person accused of DWI needs a good attorney, especially if they may be able to get charges reduced or dropped. The faster a person can hire a lawyer, the greater the chance that the insurer will not learn about the offense. If charges are reduced, the offense will appear on the person’s driving record. It is a good policy, to be honest with the insurer unless charges are completely dropped.

Fulfill All Legal Requirements
To minimize the insurance effects of a DWI, drivers should fulfill all legal requirements. Don’t miss court hearings, complete community service hours, and pay all associated fines. If the driver is seen as being cooperative, they’ll have an easier time finding Auto Insurance in Burleson TX after DWI charges.

Compare Prices and Features
Finding insurance after a DWI isn’t always about the lowest price. Drivers should find a company that can help with SR-22 paperwork in a timely manner. The company’s ability to fulfill these requirements will make it easier for a driver to stick with them once they can have conventional auto insurance again.

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