Qualities That The Right Triathlon Shorts Must Possess

Participating in a triathlon is a great way to enjoy a weekend and make some new friends. Having the right gear for the event will increase the odds of placing higher in the results. In particular, the athlete wants to choose a pair of Triathlon Shorts that will be just right from the beginning to the end of the event. Here are some qualities to keep in mind.

Free Range of Movement

The ideal pair of Triathlon Shorts provides a fit that is snug enough to prevent shifting & but does not interfere with the range of motion at all. Whatever happens during the event, the shorts make it easy to move quickly and without any type of restriction. This one quality alone will make a huge difference in terms of providing support and enhancing speed.

Padding in the Right Places

The right shorts will mean no need to change as the triathlon continues. Assume the event includes swimming, followed by biking, and then concluding with running. In order to maximize efficiency and comfort, the shorts do need to be padded in the right places. The padding must be made of materials that will not cause any type of drag while in the water. Once on the bicycle, the padding will make it easier to have the support needed when resting on the seat. By the time the running competition begins, the padding will be dry and not cause any chafing while the athlete sprints toward the finish line.

The Cost

As with many types of sports apparel, the cost of the shorts ranges from relatively inexpensive to quite costly. While staying within the budget, pay less attention to price and more to the materials used and the quality of the stitching. Opting for a pair of shorts that are higher in quality is not just about enjoying better performance during the event. It is also about being able to wear them for a number of events in the years to come.

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