Choosing the Best Uniform Shirts for Your School

Uniform shirts for private schools must meet several important criteria in order to make parents and students happy. Uniform shirts must be durable, so that these don’t have too be replaced too often. At the same time, the shirts must be affordable, and must be comfortable, as well.

Most schools offer a mix of button down shirts and uniform polo shirts for students, usually with the name or logo of the school embroidered on the front. Some schools allow students to purchase their uniform pieces at any store. However, having a single point of ordering through the school can be beneficial. Single point ordering through the school is beneficial because:

The school can choose a single vendor and get quantity pricing

Quantity pricing ensures the best quality shirt at the best price

Embroidery for uniform polo shirts and button down shirts is consistent

To ensure your students get the best uniform polo shirts and button down shirts, create a committee formed of students, parents, and whoever will be handling the ordering. This committee can investigate the best uniform shirts by obtaining samples and pricing from several vendors, preferably vendors that can perform embroidery on the shirts, as well. Allow students to try out the shirts for comfort and durability before selecting a vendor.

Once a vendor has been selected, allow students to pre-order before the school year begins, so that everyone can receive volume discount pricing. Of course, new students will come into the school throughout the year, and students will need replacement items, so additional orders will be required throughout the school year. Be sure to find out what quantities are needed to get the volume pricing discount.

By taking the time to research the best uniform shirt vendors, you can ensure your school has the most comfortable and most affordable uniform shirts.